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About Us

Hawkins Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer, repackager, and distributor of GMP production chemicals with expertise and focus in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic markets.

We understand the importance of getting it right the first time and every time.  We know that lost production time costs your company time and money.  That is why we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality chemical raw materials, at competitive prices:

On time, every time with no malfunctions.



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Hawkins Pharmaceutical can rapidly assess and meet your needs for product and delivery.
We offer a variety of capabilities that can be customized to fit your exact requirements.

Our core manufacturing competencies include:

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Powder Manufacturing
  • Liquid Manufacturing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Private Label Manufacturing


Hawkins Pharmaceutical offers pilot lot materials for development and validation, but specialize in large lot production volumes.  In addition to supporting your growth, we offer many customizable options for increased production efficiencies.

Our GMP manufacturing capabilities and facilities include the following:

  • Bench Top to Production Quantities
  • Segregated Facilities
  • Private Label Contract Manufacturing and Repackaging
  • Environmentally Controlled Production Facilities
  • Development to Production Support and Execution
  • Custom and Standard Specifications, Packaging, and Labeling
  • Hazardous Materials Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Tight Fill Tolerances






Market Focus:

  • Animal Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Human Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology Manufacturing
  • Diagnostics Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing

Custom Solutions for Custom Needs

Not all businesses have the same needs, that’s why Hawkins develops custom solutions to meet your specific needs:
– Batch packaging to simplify your unique manufacturing process
– Custom packaging to reduce contamination potential
– Private labeling complete with your corporate logo

Hawkins will tailor custom solutions to your custom needs.  Our FDA registered, GMP facilities and quality systems mean you can rest assured you will get the quality product you need for your operations to run smoothly.


Hygroscopic Materials

Are you having trouble with material set up?
Are you going through a bunch of extra steps to break material up and weigh out the proper amounts?

Hawkins can eliminate these issues:
– Our custom batch packaging contains exactly the amount you need
– Custom packaging protects materials from moisture.
– Unique dessication configurations in standard packaging
(helps prevent chemicals from setting up)



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